• Mechanism of Action

    Mechanism of Action

    Transcrocetin is a Kosmotrope. Kosmotropes, are molecules that, when added to an aqueous solution, can cause the water molecules to form more organized hydrogen bonds with each other leading to more ordered water structure which creates channels that facilitate diffusion of small molecules like oxygen and glucose.

    Its therapeutic effect is derived from the ability to enhance the diffusion of oxygen through an order making or “kosmotropic effect” in the biological medium (plasma, tissue/organ).

  • Mechanism of Action

    It is believed that the increased half life and exposure of transcrocetin released from the liposomal formulation may lead to a prolonged oxygen enhancement effect. Fundamentally, enhanced oxygen diffusion is believed to improve the delivery of oxygen to hypoxic tissues and organs.

    Transcrocetin may have immunomodulatory effects on inflammation related cytokine storms that are associated with many life-threatening illnesses.

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