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  • Time Is Life

    When confronted with oxygen deprivation (hypoxia), Time is Life. Our team, together with our partners from the public and private sectors, are working tirelessly to urgently bring these life-saving medicines to patients.
  • Carefully Crafted

    We achieve this through the development of innovative, effective and safe medicines.
  • Global Impact

    Our core belief and our dedication is to the value proposition of Lifting and Empowering All Families.
  • All Roads

    All Roads Lead To Oxygen

    “One of the most effective ways of saving lives is providing oxygen to patients who need it. Several news reports published today have highlighted the vital role of oxygen in treating patients with severe and critical COVID-19. This has been an area of intense focus for WHO since the beginning of the pandemic.

    Patients with severe and critical COVID-19 cannot get enough oxygen into their blood by breathing normally. They need higher concentrations of oxygen and support to get it into their lungs.

    Left untreated, severe COVID-19 deprives cells and organs of the oxygen they need, which ultimately leads to organ failure and death.”

    Ghebreyesus, Tedros Adhanom. “WHO Director-General’s Opening Remarks at the Media Briefing on COVID-19 – 24 June 2020.” World Health Organization, 24 June 2020

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