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LEAF-4L6715 is a liposomal formulation of trans-crocetin:


  • Free trans-crocetin has a molecular formula of C20H24O4


  • Free trans-crocetin is a diterpenoid and natural carotenoid found in spices such as saffron, a constituent of the crocus flower, and cape jasmine

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  • Mwchanism of Action

    Mechanism of Action

    Transcrocetin belongs to the class of molecules known as kosmotropes. The hallmark of kosmotropes is to alter the structure of water molecules in aqueous solutions such as water or blood. This altering creates channels through which smaller molecules such as oxygen can more easily travel to reach tissues where oxygen is needed.

    In the presence of tissue oxygen deprivation (hypoxia), transcrocetin enhances oxygen diffusion, thereby improving oxygen delivery to affected tissues and organs.

    Transcrocetin has been nicknamed “The Moses Molecule” because of its kosmotropic ability to part water.

Why LEAF-4L6715?

  • Bridging the Gap

    LEAF-4L6715 addresses the known shortcomings of crocetins/trans-crocetins.
  • Half-Life

    Free trans-crocetin has a short half-life of 30 minutes.
  • Dissolution

    Free trans-crocetin has poor solubility.
  • Stability

    LEAF-4L6715 is a liposomal formulation of trans-crocetin that is stable.
  • Half-Life 2.0

    LEAF-4L6715 is a liposomal formulation of trans-crocetin that has a half-life of 9 hours in animal studies.
  • World-Class

    LEAF-4L6715 is a liposomal formulation of trans-crocetin that represents an 18-fold increase in half-life compared to free trans-crocetins.