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Lifting & Empowering All Families

Our core belief and our dedication is to the value proposition of Lifting and Empowering All Families.

We achieve this through the development of innovative, effective and safe medicines for patients.

Our multidisciplinary teams of employees and partners have chosen to dedicate their careers, talents and expertise to this cause.

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  • Mwchanism of Action

    Mechanism of Action

    Transcrocetin belongs to the class of molecules known as kosmotropes. The hallmark of kosmotropes is to alter the structure of water molecules in aqueous solutions such as water or blood. This altering creates channels through which smaller molecules such as oxygen can more easily travel to reach tissues where oxygen is needed.

    In the presence of tissue oxygen deprivation (hypoxia), transcrocetin enhances oxygen diffusion, thereby improving oxygen delivery to affected tissues and organs.

    Transcrocetin has been nicknamed “The Moses Molecule” because of its kosmotropic ability to part water.

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    Our Mission

    Discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize innovative and safe medicines, in particular, medicines that target high unmet medical needs arising from the complications of hypoxia (oxygen deprivation). We seek to make these treatments available to patients across the globe, including emerging economies.

    Time is Life when it comes to Oxygen